Tales of a White Knight

The Vow of Silence

A white knight does not speak
malicious words.
For every malign word harms his own heart. i

A white knight does not speak
his care of your breast
too fast.
Not before he first knows the cure.

A warrior fights on bravely.
A hero must act with courage. ii

There is a song about this called 'Suffering in Silence'.
Click here to hear the song and see the befitting lyrics  >>

Quietude     (0,2 km)

The Land of Braveheart & the White Knights     (1 km)

  1. The Teachings of Silvanus, The Nag Hammadi Library
  2. Small extract from the Old English Poem 'The Wanderer', preserved in the so-called Exeter Book dating from the late 10th century
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