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To a child stories give role models and possible worlds.
To an adult they give insights into the experiences of others, expanding his or her consciousness.


Reading isn't a hidding place nor is it merely a distraction.
Reading is a finding place;
a place you recognise, emotions you recognise.....
an education into the hidden depths of the human heart.

Reading actively engages the imagination and leads to an altered state of consciousness.

"... words that are not understood by the heart are lost completely."
Calogrenant, one of King Arthur's Knights in Yvain; the Knight with the Lion


"I seriously believe that you will retard the course of civilisation in Ireland by preventing Irish people from having a good look at themselves in my nicely polished looking glass."
The Irish novelist James Joyce trying to persuade a publisher to take on
his now well-known novel 'Dubliners'




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"Where are you rushing to?" said the Tree to the River,
"you are always in such a hurry."
"I have many stories, really important stories Tree.
I have got to get them to the sea as quickly as possible."
"And is the wind going to help you?" said the Tree.
"Sometimes," said the River, "but the wind can be friend and foe,
it is I alone am the storyteller."

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