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Please enter Book of Tales' unique Souvenir Shop.
Our small but exquisite collection is displayed below.
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My Father's Home  >>

The Willendorf Venus  >>
a souvenir from a different time

The Lindisfarne Cat  >>

The Olde Worlde Suitcase  >>
an essential souvenir for people on the go and wanderers

Sir & Madam  >>
lost courtesy

Eating in the Fifties  >>
back in time

An Old Music Box  >>
from the Land of Fairy Mothers & Godmothers

Curiosities from Oblivion  >>

If you would like to take a souvenir home with you for your personal use, you can do so by printing it. Just use the print option of your browser. This is free but we would not mind if you put a small contribution in Book of Tales' Old Hat  >>

Gifts & Donations  >>

Brigitte Franssen 2010
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