Tales of a White Knight

Braveheart's Prayer

I saw the forest beeches yield
and fountain forth in feathery flame,
their secret glory unrevealed
and lo, from out the fire sprays came
The Master of the Shining Shield,
Heart of the World-heart's Oriflamme.

Because of Him, such wild delight
has filled the ousel's bill with tune;
the cuckoo's far and wandering flight
with such lone merriment is strewn,
and the thrush makes the wood's edge bright
beyond the cloudless light of noon.

O Mightiest of the Mighty Ones
and Smallest of Small Things that be
commensurate with stars and suns
and the plumed splendour of the sea
Who through the Atom burns and runs
bide Thou and shine at heart in me!
Edited Extract from The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed,
a book based on old Welsh Legends written by Kenneth Morris, 1914.

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