Tales of a White Knight

Braveheart's Battle

I arrived in the midst of the night
willing to fight
and carrying the bright light
of longing to put things right.

Attracted to this light
was no other
than the fairy-godmother.

She restored my sight
so that together with the light
I could see
there is but one battle to be fought
only one fight to be sought.

It is the fight
against the devil in me.

During our seemingly ordinary lives we fight many heroic battles and overcome many dark and powerful and bad and ugly enemies. For if we don't these merciless devils will imprison us in their hellfire until there is nothing left of us. It is their drum of doom that calls us to the battlefield.

Arise, great warrior, arise!
Arise like a flame of fire
that burns away the darkness.

Who exactly are these dark and bad little devils that can torture us so tremendously? To find out go to 'The Forces of Darkness'.

© Brigitte Franssen 2006
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