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The Crow and the Fox

A very old fable in rhyme from Aesop

Retold by Brigitte Franssen; illustrated by Jef Franssen

It was a cold winter morning.
The fox was yawning.
The crow, high up in the trees
was eating a delicious cheese.

But you know, this was no ordinary crow.
This crow thought he was the best,
much better than all the rest.

The fox, he saw down there below
could not even fly, high or low!

But the fox had smelt the cheese
and looked up into the trees
and when he saw the crow
he immediately said: "Hello".
"How do you do, your grace.
How delicate is your face.
How strong and gleaming are your wings.
You should be one amongst kings!"

And then, the fox bowed
and the crow felt, O so proud.
"It would be a rare thing," the fox went on
"If you could also sing".

The crow could not resist a quick trill up and down the scale
to prove that he could sing like the nightingale.

Caw, Caw, Caw
"But that is fantastic!"
said the fox all enthusiastic.

The crow, pleased with his voice
began to make some more noise.

Caw, Caw, Caw, Caw, Caw

"Good gracious me," said the fox
"that really rocks!"

The crow who thought he was so clever
began to caw louder than ever.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

But he forgot to hold the cheese
which fell down amongst the trees
onto the ground
where it was quickly found.
The fox had grasped the delicious cheese.
And the crow, still high up in trees
cawed: "That is my cheese!"

But the fox said:
"This cheese, so divine, is finally, mine!
See you next time".

The crow angrily croaked: "It's a crime!"

But he realized that he himself was to blame,
if only he had not been so terribly vain.
And the crow hung his head in shame,
but he would never forget the fox's name.

For cunning and clever tricks are the special art
of the fox whose name is: Renard.
~ The End ~

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Now, my dear friend
we have come to the end
just like that.
Please, don't forget that old, old hat.
Brigitte Franssen 2005
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