Tales of a White Knight

The Castle

My World

No house is finer
no palace more diviner
than my little hive
in the Tree of Life.

It was built by Gobbán, the Blacksmith.
For He is no figure of myth
but as real as He can be
as part of me.

And each and every day
the Sun will come to play
and when She leaves in the west
to have a rest
the Moon appears in the east
to guard the border
against the Black Beast.

And all is in order
at the little hive
in the Tree of Life.

The notion that each and every one of us builds his or her own world and that this world is connected to a tree, is not as strange as you might think.
It is something that is celebrated each and every year around Christmas Time.
The decorating of the Christmas tree with all kinds of different coloured baubles in all kind of different shapes represents this innumerous number of worlds that exist. But can only exist as part of Life, or for want of a better word, Creation and so much better expressed by simply taking the symbol of an evergreen tree.

You can find more on the meaning of the Christmas Tree in the Book 'Tales from the Northern Forests' under Christmas. Plus there is an old lullaby called 'Rock-a-bye, Baby' that now might have a whole new meaning to you. You can find this lullaby in our book 'Bedtime Stories'.

The above poem was inspired by a ninth century Irish poem by an unknown author called 'An Ivied Tree-Top'. i

Gobbán is a mythical craftsman and builder in Irish traditional lore. With the arrival of Christianity he was canonized as St. Gobban.

The Land of Braveheart & the White Knights

  1. Kinsella, Thomas, The New Oxford Book of Irish Verse, Oxford, 2001, ISBN-13:978-0-19-280192-0.
© Brigitte Franssen 2009
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