Tales of a White Knight

The hero, who has to fight heroic battles and overcome dangerous and difficult obstacles to reach his goal, is one of the most popular themes in history. There are numerous fairytales, legends, myths, scriptures and countless more stories and nowadays movies featuring a hero or heroine and their battles.
But who are these heroes and their evil enemies, where do their supernatural strength and magical weapons come from, where lay these battlefields that have seen so many glorious victories? And why do their stories have such a strong appeal?

Forget for a moment your daily chores and worries and step into the world of Braveheart. See the world of a white knight as it was never shown before and you just might find some very interesting answers. For while we are busy leading our normal daily lives, is there not, somewhere deep inside of us, that slumbering yearning to do something really courageous, something really important ourselves?

Just like the birds desire to fly south for winter, that deep-rooted longing is there for a reason. Although often misunderstood, it tries to remind us of an all-important mission. It tries to remind us of a mission that the bards of days long gone by called the mission of the white knights.

Arise, white knight, arise
Like a flame of fire
that burns away the darkness!

The Land of Braveheart & the White Knights
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