Tales of a White Knight

The Battle Tactics
of the White Knights


you know others and know yourself
you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;
if you do not know others but know yourself,
you win one and lose one;
if you do not know others and do not know yourself,
you will be imperiled in every single battle.


When you do battle,
even if you are winning,
if you continue for a long time
it will dull your forces and blunt your edge;
if you besiege a citadel, your strength will be exhausted.
If you keep your armies out in the field for a long time
your supplies will be insufficient.

When your forces are dulled,
your edge is blunted,
your strength is exhausted,
and your supplies are gone,
then others will take advantage of your debility and rise up.
Then even if you have wise advisers
you cannot make things turn out well in the end.

So the important thing
in a military operation
is victory,
not persistence.


In battle
confrontation is done directly
victory is gained by surprise.


When the speed of rushing water
reaches the point where it can move boulders,
this is the force of momentum.
When the speed of a hawk is such that it can strike and kill,
this is precision.
So it is with skillful warriors
their force is swift, their precision is close.


Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered
those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid.
Thus the wise win before they fight
while the ignorant fight to win.

Zhuge Liang (3rd century C.E.)


The general rule for use of the military is that
it is
better to keep a nation intact than to destroy it.
It is better to keep an army intact than to destroy it,
better to keep a division intact than to destroy it,
better to keep a battalion intact than to destroy it,
better to keep a unit intact than to destroy it.

Therefore those who win every battle are not really skillful
those who render others' armies helpless without fighting
are the best of all.


Tire them by flight.

Except for the quote from Zhuge Liang
everything was extracted from the Art of War;
a Classic Chinese Work
compiled by Sun Tu over 2000 years ago

The Battlefields     (2 km)

The Land of Braveheart & the White Knights     (144 km)
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