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The newspaper lay on the front door mat. She dreaded it. The last few weeks, months rather, reading the newspaper had only made her sad. Continue reading >>

Mother Earth

She is running a fever
Her whole body is shaking and shivering
She can't stop couphing anymore...

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"...that folk may view what admonishing chances befell other folk
And may therefrom take warning..."   i
A Scottish boy who grew up with the cowboy movies of Hollywood finally gets a chance to travel to America and see the Wild West for himself. As he gazes at the bare rocks he realises he has no connection with that land whatsoever. It was only a dream and make-believe.

An English woman who grew up in Belgium finds a home in East Anglia. When she watches a television program about Belgium she realises with a shock that she didn't end up in East Anglia by accident. The flatness, the enormous sky, the land- and seascape that drew her to East Anglia are almost identical to the ones she loved as a child living in Belgium.

A German woman moves to South England and finds a land that has hardly changed over the years. Her own homeland has changed so much since she was little that she hardly recognises it anymore. But this foreign land reminds her of how her homeland used to be and look. She feels happy here and at home. Like a flower planted in the right spot and soil she blossoms and thrives in her newly found homeland.

The love for the land nourishes and nurtures the soul. But when there is no connection between the land and the soul sadness will not be far away. She - the soul - might try to push it away but she will inevitably be homesick.
Long is the night to the sleepless.
Long is the mile to the tired.
Long is life to the foolish
Who know not Truths.

Guatuma Buddha

  1. From the Introduction to the Arabian Tales 'A Thousand Nights and a Night'

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Did bad planning & architecture sow the seed of conflict?

A businessman I know always keeps fresh flowers on his desk, insisting they are a wise investment. In silent eloquence they exert their influence. "It is difficult to think mean or selfish thoughts in the presence of flowers," he says. "They help a gentleman to be gentle."

Gerald Horton Bath
In the Little Gazette

Beauty encourages our better qualities. The cities of Syria, however, show a picture of endless concrete high-rises, empty open spaces and geometrical patterns. Faceless flats that could have come from anywhere and look like they are nowhere, least of all home, dominate the scene. The same plain and characterless streets seem to be everywhere and go on forever. The souks, the minarets, the bell-towers, the small congenial labyrinthine buildings, the beauty of the Ottoman cities seem to have all but disappeared. With so little beauty around to stimulate gentleness and kindness, it should maybe come as no surprise that the situation is so ugly over there.
Brigitte Franssen

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Cries for justice fill our courtrooms. Greeted with sympathy they hit the headlines on an almost daily basis. No peace can be found before justice is done. An eye for an eye, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. Forgotten, ignored are the wise words of Portia:
"Therefore, Jew, though justice be thy plea, consider this,
that in the course of justice, none of use should see salvation:
we do pray for mercy,
and that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy."

Portia's speech in the Merchant of Venice (Act IV, Scene I)
By William Shakespeare

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Orange, in all its incarnations, was the official shade of Spring Summer 2014. It was popping up everywhere: on the catwalks of Christian Dior, Gucci and Ralph Lauren, on lips and eyes at the likes of DKNY,
Rag & Bone and Dennis Basso, even on wallpaper.
Oranges, apricots, canteloupes, carrots and marigold were cropping up everywhere and tropical sunsets were coming up to light again.
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Disappearing Things

In England many people who have chickens put their surplus eggs for sale on the side of the road together with a sign mentioning the price of the eggs and an honesty box. Lately more and more eggs have been taken without any money being left in the honesty box.

Losing out and losing trust more and more people have stopped putting their eggs for sale on the side of the road. It wil probably be a long time before they'll try again, if ever.

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