Tales of a White Knight

A White Knight's Armour

Deep knowledge
to be aware of disturbance before disturbance
to be aware of danger before danger
to be aware of destruction before destruction
to be aware of calamity before calamity.
By Deep Knowledge of principle
one can
change disturbance into order
change danger into safety
change destruction into survival
change calamity into fortune. i


Invincibility is a matter of defense
vulnerability is a matter of attack.
Invincibility is in oneself
vulnerability is in the opponent. ii

Battle School     (400 m)

The Castle of Braveheart     (2 km)

  1. The Book of Balance and Harmony (Chung-ho chi/Zhongho ji), a medieval Taoist text.
  2. The Art of War, a Classic Chinese Work, compiled by a mysterious warrior-philosopher well over 2000 years ago.
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